• The Abbey San Clemente of Casauria
  • Along the Gran Sasso Loop
  • The cellar at Angelucci winery
  • Pescosansonesco - the rocky hilltop town next to Castiglione
  • Canoeing the Tirino River
  • Pro football Abruzzo style - Pescara Delfini FC
  • The tasting room at Angelucci winery
  • The hill towns of the Gran Sasso
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Things to See And Do Around Castiglione

Castiglione a Casauria is in the heart of so many interesting things to see and do, all within a short drive from town. 
Historic architecture:  For a fascinating look back into Italy's past you don't even need to leave town.  The ancient Abbey of San Clemente at the edge of Castiglione has a history that dates back to the late 800s AD.  With its ancient stone structure and hauntingly beautiful grounds this sacred site has been sacked and restored numerous times over the last dozen centuries.   This must see is less than a minute from the Torre De'Passeri exit off the Autostrada.
Canoe/Kayak or Bike the Tirino Valley:  The beautiful Tirino River provides a fabulous backdrop for all kinds of outdoor activities, be it biking trails or canoeing/kayaking down the Tirino River.  Il Bosso in Bussi Sul Tirino is just a ten mile trek from Castiglione and provides all forms of outdoor activity offerings.
Take a loop through the medieval villages in Gran Sasso:  The lower Gran Sasso loop covers only 20 miles out of Castiglione up through the villages of Pescosansonesco, Corvara, Pietranico and the town of Torre De' Passeri  and back home , but count on two hours.  It's not so much that the drive is so slow, but you will want to stop every few minutes for all of the unique photo opportunities.  Each of these locations has its own unique charm, relaxed atmosphere and irresistible views.   From Corvara you can also branch off of the loop and continue on up into the heart of the Gran Sasso park.
Visit the Caramanico Hot Springs:  Wind your way through the lower hill towns of Maiella through Tocco Da Casauria and Salle to the spa town of Caramanico Terme.  The hot springs are a scenic 15 mile trek from Castgilione and offer a variety of rejuvenating packages.  Pause after you cross the bridge just past Salle for a look back over the town and marvel at its height far above the Orta River.  After the springs you can circle back through Bolognano or continue on through the Maiella National Park through the resort towns of Sant'Eufemia  A Maiella, Campo Di Giove and Pescocostanzo.
Shop for local Abruzzo gourmet gifts:  Head up to Sulmona (about 20 miles) and check out Giallo Zafferano (Yellow Saffron) for some unique gourmet gifts specific to Abruzzo.  From the shop stroll up and down the shops and arcades of Corso Ovidio.  Be sure to stop in Piazza XX Settembre and visit the statue of Ovid, the Roman poet.
Visit a local winery: What would a trip to Italy be without a visit to an authentic Italian winery?  Castiglione boasts a local vintner whose grapes are grown, pressed and aged into a delicious Moscatello wine all within the town.  Angelucci winery offers tours of their facilities, has a wonderful tasting room with a spectcular view, and offers numerous varieties of vintages and locally made taste treats.

These are just a few of the recreational offerings within a short distance of Castiglione a Casauria.
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