• Arrosticini roasting over coals
  • Cafe Freddo from Cuore di Caffe in Castiglione
  • Freshly made pasta abounds in Abruzzo
  • Montepulciano d`Abruzzo - pride of the region
  • Arrosticini and Bruschetta
  • Pizza is so much better in Italy
  • Piadina - Italian Flatbread Sandwich
  • And of course authentic Italian gelato...
  • Olivi Ascolana - a local specialty
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Food and Drink


Much of what is thought of as traditional Italian cooking was actually born in Abruzzo.  As such the region is passionate about good food and good wine.  One of the marks of traditional Abruzzese cooking is that food is prepared with care full of wondrous flavors. 

Abruzzo has numerous dishes and varieties of beverages specific to the region.  Arrosticini is a favorite local meat dish consisting of small cubes of meat skewered, seasoned and roasted over an open coal pit.  Spaghetti chitarra is a pasta specialty that adds a rich texture to the traditional dish.  For those who enjoy a hearty red the region is famous for its full-bodied Montepulciano d'Abruzzo wines.  The more adventurous may want to try Genziana, a bitter-sweet liqueur (much like Campari) specific only to the region. 
Aside from the local dishes, Abruzzo eateries serve up magnificent variations on every manner of traditional meat, pasta, seafood and pizza dish.  One of the sayings of the measure of a good place to eat in Abruzzo is simply to find one that has been in existence for more than a year, as ones that serve inferior food simply will not survive the discriminating Abruzzese palate.
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