• Looking to the Gran Sassos from Castiglione
  • The view across the main road
  • Toward the southeast from Piazza Umberto
  • From one of the many belvederes (beautiful viewpoints) in town
  • The sprawling valley toward the Adriatic
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The views of Castiglione


From Castiglione's hillside vantage point the vistas are spectacular in every direction.  The houses on the northern edge of town tower over a lush green valley while the view to the south is the town of Tocco Da Casauria framed against the Maiellan Mountains.  Looking toward the east the scenery drops through miles of olive orchards and vineyards stretching their way toward the Adriatic in the distance.
The central part of town is an easy stroll with a surprisingly large number of vantage points for uniquely marvelous scenery.  The town has taken advantage of its unique hillside location to create walkways, plazas and belvederes that make the most of these one-of-a-kind views.
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