• Fully modern and equipped kitchen
  • View from the kitchen window
  • Bathroom and window
  • Master bedroom
  • Door opens over narrow road through town
  • Upstairs bedroom - sleeps 2 singles
  • Upstairs bedroom comes with large wardrobe
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  • Front Door entry into kitchen - welcome!
  • Kitchen and dining area
  • Bathroom
  • Living room
  • Couch opens to sleep two
  • Living room into master bedroom
  • Master Bedroom
  • Terrace view from upstairs
  • View from edge of upstairs terrace
  • View from upstairs bedroom - wake up to this!
About the House


Located at the top of Piazza Umberto where it becomes the narrow stone road cutting into the center of the village, the house is the only home in the center of town with stunning views in three directions.  Although the exact date of construction is not known sources speculate that the home was built sometime in the mid-1800s.  Constructed of stone and recently renovated, this home provides modern convenience while maintaining its original old-world charm.
The first floor comes with a fully-modernized kitchen equipped with microwave, oven, stovetop and refrigerator a well as abundant cabinet and drawer space.  Guests have access to all of the necessary utensils for a comfortable stay including cooking and serving components.  The 4-seat table quickly and easily expands to up to six seats.  Throw open the kitchen window to enjoy a majestic view of Tocco Da Casauria and the Maiellan mountain range as you enjoy your meal.
Also on the first floor is the bathroom with sink, toilet and shower.  From the shower you can enjoy a spectacular view of the valley marking the southern boundary of Gran Sasso National Park.
Up a short flight of steps is the living room equipped with sleeper sofa, chairs and TV/DVD combination.  Guests can relax in comfort and watch their favorite DVDs from this beautiful room.  Recent renovation of the ceiling exposed the original stunning brickwork, carefully restored to its original beauty.
Just past the living room is the spacious master bedroom with queen sized bed, full dresser and night stands.  A set of doors opens up to afford a view up and down the main road through the center of town.
Up one more flight of stairs is a guest room equipped with two single beds and a large wardrobe.  The room has another spectacular view of the valley from the window and opens to a small terrace with sweeping views to the south and east.  (Please note that the window in this room, while offering wonderful views, does open to a significant drop.  As such we recommend only guests over the age of twelve occupy this room).
In addition to full kitchen access guests are provided towels, paper towels and toilet tissue, a full supply of bedding and use of all furnishings.
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