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Getting to Castiglione

Depending upon where they are coming from, travelers have two options for getting to Abruzzo.  While the most popular gateway is Rome, the city of Pescara offers a near-by (and less stressful) option for getting into the region.  Before deciding on an option it's important to understand the nature of air travel in Europe. 
European airlines typically fall into one of two categories: Full Service and Low Fare.  Full service airlines are the traditional inter-continental carriers that fly into the larger airports and provide traditional travel services.  Visitors from the United States who book flights directly into Rome will likely utilize one of these carriers, and will generally fly into Rome's Leonardo Da Vinci  (Fiumicino) airport.  Examples of such carriers are Delta and American as well as such European partners as British Airways, Alitalia and Lufthansa.
Low fare carriers operate, for the most part, only in and out of European airports, some of which are a distance from the nearby city.  These carriers can offer quite a bargain once you are in Europe but you have to know how to manage your way through their sometimes tricky processes.  The most notable of these carriers is
Ryanair, which flies into both Rome's Ciampino Airport and Pescara Airport.  While Pescara is Abruzzo's only airport and very convenient, it also has a limited number of flights and destinations.  Visitors will need to be able to plan to arrive in one of the larger cities near an airport that services either of these locations to make the connection.  While this option does present challenges it can be a cost-saver for those resourceful enough to manage the process.
Visitors who arrive in Rome can either obtain a rental car at the airport or take a bus or train to Pescara and pick up a rental car at the airport there. 
Prontobus provides regular service between both the Fiumcino and Ciampino airports and Pescara train station for a reasonable rate.  From the train station there are regular city busses for the short hop to the airport.  While this may sound like a logistical headache it does eliminate the need for dealing with the challenges of driving in and around Rome, which can be formidable for those not accustomed.

Whether coming from Rome or Pescara visitors will take the A24 Autostrada to the Torre D'Passeri/Casauria exit to get to Castiglione.  The drive is about two hours from Fiumicino airport, an hour and a half from Ciampino, and about 25 minutes from Pescara.  Detailed directions to the town and house are provided at booking.  
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