• Le Puteche shops in Castiglione
  • Porch outside Le Puteche
  • Inside Le Puteche
  • Bakery and Pasta shop in Le Puteche
  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Stand in Le Puteche
  • Butcher and Coffee Shop in Le Puteche
  • Main Intersection of Torre De` Passeri and Le Bistrot
  • Zanzi Bar - One of many bars in Torre and Castiglione
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Castiglione a Casauria has one small market literally twenty steps away from the front door of the house.  Stocked with meats, cheeses, canned goods, paper goods, beverages and more this local shop is especially convenient.  In addition to its convenience the shop is run by friendly local villagers who, while not able to converse in English, are very friendly and willing to point out desired goods for you. 
At the edge of town (roughly a ten minute walk or two minute drive), across the street from the Comune (City Hall office building) is Le Puteche, a small building of four shops.  The shops include a coffee bar, a butcher, a bakery and a fruit/vegetable stand.  Are all locally owned and operated and have inside and outside seating with free Wi-Fi.
In nearby Torre De' Passeri (roughly a five minute drive) you will find two supermarkets (Carrefour and Tigre), a Laundromat with both full service and self-service, a several other shops including banks, pharmacies, and clothing stores (to name a few).  Torre provides a wide array of services within a very short reach of Castiglione.
Also in Torre is a popular bar/restaurant Le Bistrot.  Family owned and operated they have a wide assortment of food and beverage options, including made to order pasta dishes and the Abruzzo specialty arrosticini, which are roasted meat cubes on a skewer.
Castiglione and Torre both have a wide array of bars, which should not to be confused with the American term for over 21 drinking establishments.  In Italy a bar is a small shop where patrons can get espresso drinks as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, pastries, sandwiches and other light foods.  Bars are a very popular place to hang out and are enjoyable both for refreshments and people watching.
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